The Justice Accountant

Piotr Stojanow

February 3, 2019

Guillotine in Hell painting

The Justice Accountant twitched when the last of the executions were coming to an end.

The ever-growing list of crimes on the Adjusted Capital Punishment Law was no longer on his mind.

“Why did it come to this?”

The mortal Jacobin Poison began to flow in his veins.

“Hell is other people thinking that hell is other people.”

The Abyss

Piotr Stojanow

January 2, 2019

Vesuvius from Portici painting

Crossing the border, he closed his eyes.

His daughter’s scream kept ringing in his ears.

“I can’t stop.”

The Abyss called his name.

“I must close the portal.”

He felt his dead wife calling him.

“Get away from me!”

He heard himself shouting in the voice of the Abyss.

His eyes remained closed.

There was only darkness and unity.

Our brains are hardware that run on culture - software

Piotr Stojanow

June 25, 2018

Historic Growth by Alesha Sivartha

Our brains (hardware) run culture (software)1.

Humans dominate because our software is easier to upgrade than our hardware. We can solve problems not solved by genetics alone.

Culture and memes move faster than genes.

Culture is transmitting information from one member to another. As our technology and communication got better and better, our culture upgrades became more and more frequent.

We moved from standard releases of culture (versions like 1.0 etc.) to a rolling release (continuous delivery of frequent small updates).

(link to tweetstorm)

  1. Hat tip to Bret Weinstein

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